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Global Festival of Yoga: Celebrating Wellness

Global Festival of Yoga: Celebrating Wellness

Dear Friends,

Namaste and Warm Greetings from the Indica family!

Indica Yoga is fully committed to offering you the quintessence of Yoga traditions! Join us for a month-long online Global Festival of Yoga to Celebrate Wellness. This soulful immersion will include interactions and practise with over a 100 Yoga Experts consisting of leading Scholars, Practitioners, Researchers and Artists from around the globe across more than 50 countries. 

Listen to the wisdom of Yogic traditions from world renowned Philosophers and practitioners who will share insights from the scriptures and from their personal journeys.

Understand how Yoga heals the body and the mind from eminent Scientists and Researchers from some of the best Institutions working on Mind-body Medicine through ancient  and modern approaches.

Engage in futuristic and enlightening dialogues on the role of yoga in building human unity, in bridging world religions, in creating a sustainable economy and nurturing the environment.

Practise simple to advanced Asanas, Pranayama, Chanting, Relaxation and Meditation with some of the most well-known Teachers and Practitioners from around the globe.

Rejoice in the blissful performances of musicians and dancers in their quest for the true spirit of their artforms.

We have joined hands with prominent Yoga Organisations like the Indian Yoga Association (IYA), the European Union of Yoga (EUY), the Global Peace Initiative of Women (GPIW) and the Center for Soft Power (CSP) to offer you some of the best teachings from the World Yoga Community!

Don’t miss this unique opportunity of being part of the first-ever gala celebration of our individual and collective Wellness!

 Do join our yoga family in the Spirit of Oneness for greater Wellness!

 Come, Let’s celebrate Yoga! Celebrate Life! Celebrate Wellness!


Vinayachandra Banavathy and Anuradha Choudry





Event Details and Registration

About the Event

The festival will serve as a platform for connecting with authentic teachings of Yoga and will explore different facets of wellness through a convergence of Spirituality and Science, Philosophy and Practice.

It  will have a mix of insightful talks and practical sessions that will inspire and motivate you to keep your commitment to your spiritual and physical well-being.


Schedule  – Use the following links for registration

SESSION I – 7.00-8.00 AM (IST)

SESSION 2 – 11.30 AM-12.30 PM (IST)

SESSION 3 – 7.00-8.00 PM (IST)



  • This is a free event open to all after a quick registration process.
  • The program includes three sessions
  • Interested participants have to register only once for all the three sessions separately by clicking on the each of the schedule links.