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CSP invites applications for Research into Bollywood Dance Studios

CSP invites applications for Research into Bollywood Dance Studios

The popularity of Bollywood dance and song sequences has resulted in the mushrooming of dance studios all over the world. The studios’ tag line is usually that they can make one a ‘comfortable social dancer or a competitive hobby dancer’.

CSP invites scholars, practitioners and students to a short term fellowship to research dance studios abroad looking into one or more factors which have lead to the popularity of Bollywood dance, the rise of studios offering this form of dance for either exercise or as a desirable social skill, study various aspects of Bollywood dance itself as a separate genre, the impact of Bollywood films on the socialisation of the Indian diaspora and through them to the larger communities they live in.

While the impact of Bollywood dance and the emergence of structured learning in studios is expectedly seen in countries which have a concentration of Indians, it has also spread through social media and cultural ambassadors to other countries. CSP invites a study into the spread and popularity of these studios.

Interested research students and scholars may send the statement of interest to Remuneration will be discussed and finalized with the selected Scholar.