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“Become CSR Ready” Grant Scheme

“Become CSR Ready” Grant Scheme

We are pleased to announce a new grant scheme ‘Become CSR Ready Scheme’. Under this scheme we are pleased to give a grant of up to Rs 2.5 lacs towards NGOs working for preservation, protection and promotion of Indic Civilisational Thought. The NGOs should be eligible for CSR grants as per the rules issued by the Companies Act.

The grant money can be used for administrative purposes such as

a. Hiring an Accounts Manager

b. Website Development

c. Payment for Auditors and Lawyers

d. Desktop Computer

Post the sanction of the Grant and prior to disbursement, the selected NGOs should appoint a Governing Board/Body and undertake to hold 4 quarterly meetings per year. Quarterly report of accounts and activities should be presented to the Board. Audited Annual accounts should be presented within 3 months of the financial year.

Indic Academy will appoint a nominee to the Board.

Our Founder Hari Kiran explains the scheme in this video :