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Annual Report of Online Courses for the Year (20-21) – Launch of Indica.Courses

Annual Report of Online Courses for the Year (20-21) – Launch of Indica.Courses

Indic Academy seeks to bring about a global renaissance of indigenous wisdom. Our ceaseless efforts in that direction have let to the establishment of various Thought Centers, Platforms, Renaissance Fund and Community Networks. While we seek to be a research centric institution, we pursue dissemination through publications, courses and workshops. We commenced our online courses platform in February 2020 and the following online courses were offered till March 2021:

S.No. Course Name Scholar Name
1 Adbhuta Sāgaram – Ancient Mundane Astrology Dr. Chirravuri Sivaramakrishna Sarma
2 Basic Foundation Course on Wellness in Ayurveda Dr. S. Dattatreya Rao
3 Bhakti Yoga – Philosophy, Practice & Transformation Dr. Subramanian Ananda Venkata
4 Essentials of Yoga Tradition & Philosophy Dr. Vinayachandra, Dr. Anuradha Choudry
5 Ramayanam – Jyotisham Dr. C. V. B. Subramaniam
6 Rishi-Krishi: Chemical Free Farming Sri Rajesh Vaidya Kapoor
7 Thinking Like Chanakya Smt. Sumedha Verma Ojha
8 Vedic Scientific Thinking Prof. J. Suryanarayana
9 Yoga 360: In-depth Immersion Into Philosophy, Practice & Application Smt. Nrithya Jagannathan
10 कारकम् – KARAKAM Dr. Korada Subrahmanyam
11 వాస్తుశాస్త్ర పరిచయము (Vāstu śāstra Parichayamu) Dr. C. V. B. Subramaniam
12 Ashtaka-varga – A Study in Phalita Jyotisha Dr. C. V. B. Subramaniam
13 From Humanities to Human Sciences – Webinar Series Dr. Nagaraj Paturi
14 Introduction to Mahābhāṣyam Dr. Gangadhar Nair
15 Introduction to Navya Nyaaya – Tarka Saṁgraha Textual Study Prof. J. Suryanarayana
16 Muhurta Parichayamu Dr. C. V. B. Subramaniam
17 Nirukta:Samskruth-Semantics (Panini to Yaska) Dr. B. V. K. Sastry
18 Patanjali Yogasūtrāni – Learn & Recite Dr. M. A. Jayashree, Sri. M. A. Narasimhan
19 Praanic Awareness: Technology and Training – 1 Sri Mayank Barjatya
20 Siddhāntakaumudī – An Integrated Approach To Vyakarana Shastra Dr. Korada Subrahmanyam
21 Śikṣā – The Indic Shastra of Pronunciation Dr. Korada Subrahmanyam
22 Tantrayukti – Indic Method of Thesis Construction Dr. Jayaraman Mahadevan
23 The Spirit of Research: Purpose, Attitude and Methodology Dr. Nagaraj Paturi

The recent global pandemic, that forced everyone around the globe to remain inside, also highlighted the need for going inwards. We identified this need and chose to meet it in our own unique manner, by bringing traditional knowledge to learners through contemporary pedagogy. For a curious learner unable to step outside to study, or a scholar who could not go out to teach, we created a mechanism that enabled the online dissemination of knowledge in certain fields of indigenous study.

The positive response to this organic step has overwhelmed us with gratitude and invigorated us with resolve. Taking that inspiration to be a blessing, we have now set out to establish Indica.Courses as a separate initiative into the niche field of EdTech in the service of Indigenous Wisdom.

Indic Academy is envisioned as an institute for global study of indigenous knowledge. Indica.Courses is a natural digital extension.

In order to maintain the excellence that we are known for, we have partnered with Indic Academy’s in-house Thought Centers and Platforms and also reached out to third-parties. We shall be collaborating with both individuals and institutes.