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Annual Report of Alliances & Collaborations (20-21)

Annual Report of Alliances & Collaborations (20-21)

Working with other institutions through formal or informal alliances and collaborations is a key aspect of Indic Academy’s strategy for two primary reasons

  1. IA seeks to act as a hub and be a Inter Gurukula – University Center, focusing on research , design and development of curriculum . Delivery of the courses so developed  is sought to be done through IA campus centers proposed at various universities as well as through its online platform. Teacher training workshops will also be carried on by IA by inviting scholars from various Universities.
  2. Apart from being a hub to Universities, IA also seeks to build an ecosystem of all the players in the ecosystem through a conscious strategy of ‘connect, contribute and collaborate’ strategy. As a part of this strategy IA not only facilitates connections by nurturing domain specific networks, contribute to the efforts of individuals and institutions by providing grants but also actively collaborates with other institutions by offering or receiving expertise, infrastructure, access to customers and financial support.

Over the years IA has developed alliances with some of the premier institutions and bodies and during the year under review continued its active engagement with most of them.  An institution wise summary of the activities for the year 20-21 is given below :


Type of Institution Nature of Alliance & Level of   Engagement
S.No Universities, Colleges, Schools, Research Institutions, NGOs, Publishers, Media, Ashrams, Gurukuls, Think Tanks, Associations, Endowments, Platforms. Scholarships/Grants/ Research/Courses/Events Formal/ Informal Low/Med/High Special Comment 
1 Rishihood University/Rashtram Research, Courses & Events Formal High We have established a joint venture of Center for Cultural Leadership with IA as a Strategic and Financial Partner, with a commitment of Rs. 1 Crore over 3 years.
2 Chinmaya Vishwavidya Peeth, Kerala Scholarship, Grants, Events Formal High
3 School of Vedic Science, MITADT University , Pune Scholarship, Events & Courses Formal High
4 Kavikulaguru Kalidasa Samskrit University, Nagpur Grants & Research Formal High Collaborations for Center for Indic Studies in Law and Justice
5 Kuppuswami Shastri Sanskrit Research Institute Research Formal High Established DP Santhanam Chair
6 S-VYASA Events Informal High
7 Sanchi University of Buddhist-Indic Studies, Sanchi Scholarship, Grants & Events Formal Low
8 B.E.S.T Innovation University Events & Research Formal High
9 Sampurnanand Sanskrit University, Varanasi Scholarship, Grants & Events Formal Low No Engagement post signing of MoU
10 Rashtriya Samskrita Vidya Pith, Tirupati Scholarship, Grants & Events Formal Low No Engagement post signing of MoU
11 Poornaprajna Samshodhana Mandiram, Bengaluru Scholarship, Grants & Events Formal Low No Engagement post signing of MoU
12 Sri Somnath Sanskrit University, Gujarat Scholarship, Grants & Events Formal Low No Engagement post signing of MoU
13 Kumar Bhaskar Varma Sanskrit and Ancient Studies University, Assam Scholarship, Grants & Events Formal Low No Engagement post signing of MoU
14 Sree Kanchee Veda Peetham Scholarship for Tenali Exams Formal High
15 Veda Vignan Gurukulum Research & Events Informal Medium Collaboration for various events
16 Center for Indian Knowledge Systems Research & Grant Formal High
17. Justice P. Kodandaramayya Foundation Research & Grant Formal High The Foundation is a benefactor to Indic Academy. Also, joint venture partner for  Center for Indic Studies in Law & Justice.
18. Rthambhara Knowledge Partner/ Grants/Events/Courses Informal High
19. ICCR Events Informal High
20 Heritage Trust Events Informal High Ongoing collaborations for various events.
21 B.N.M Institute of Technology (BNMIT) Events Informal High
22 Artists for Wildlife and Nature (AWN) Events Informal High
23 British Deputy High Commission, Bengaluru Events Informal High
24 International Center for Cultural Studies (ICCS) Events Informal High
25 Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) Events Informal High
26 AVP Baltics Events Informal High
27 AVP Research Foundation Events Informal High
28 Vaidyagrama Events Informal High
29 Punarnava Events Informal High
30 Ekavaidya Events Informal High
31 Dravya Events Informal High
32 Raadha Kalpa Dance Company Events Informal High
33 Darshan International Events Informal High
34 Madhavi Greens Events Informal High